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Mama Dhahabu children’s home in the rural area of weithiti in Nairobi Kenya is need of some assistance in doing some renovations at the home due to the heavy rains which have struck in the last few months destroying a portion of the children’s home. With your support we intended to repair all the home giving the orphans a better standard of living and a loving environment.

The project consists of

  •  2 classroom
  •  A computer room
  •  25 desks
  •  Fixing of the toilets
  •  Installing a high pan toilet
  •  Installing 2 showers
  •  Installing gutters on the roof
  •  A washing area/utility areas
  •  Wudhu area
  •  5 computers
  •  3 shelves
  •  5 chairs
  •  Painting of the rooms
  •  Stationery

The prophet saw said,
“The best house among the Muslims is the house in which orphans are well treated and the worst house is that in which the orphans are ill treated”