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The Hopefields centre which was founded in 2019
Hopefields is a small community in the south of Johannesburg, South Africa which do not have sewerage systems nor do they have running water in there homes.

Upon visiting the local area of hopefileds during our hamper drive we came accross an abandoned place we enquired from the community leaders if we could utilize this space to empower the kids as well as the adults we then began with basic renovations etc to date the centre head count is 95 children and 40 adults which attend the centre and they require basic assistance in renovating the place into a descent place of worship and classrooms for the children to be provided with madrasa and a small musalla for the brothers to pray in congregation.

The following is what is needed for the community Centre to be complete..

Carpets for the masjid
Wudhu area
2 class rooms
Desks for the children
3 toilets
Basic renovations