Water is the key to all life. In fact, water is so essential that we can only survive for around three days without it. What’s more, dirty, contaminated water spreads disease with fatal results.
Hope of Africa Foundation believes in giving water for life. When we build a water system, we want to ensure communities are left with easy access to a sustainable source of clean water for years to come. In many areas of rural africa, unpredictable weather leads to severe drought. With less water to drink and irrigate crops, harvests fail and families starve. With no extra income, impoverished families cannot fulfil their basic needs nor buy simple essential equipment to earn a living and lift themselves out of poverty.

Committed to the Provision of Water:
Water is a precious and scarce resource and one evermore affected by global climate change.

We are integrally involved with borehole drilling operations, together with the development of such sites at schools, clinics and other central community points. Our team is responsible for the sighting, drilling, testing, developing and monitoring all our borehole sites in the most needy areas on a continuous basis.