Who We Are

The Hope Of Africa Foundation is a registered NGO in South Africa with the registration number 2019/613914/08. The Hope of Africa Foundation strives to alleviate poverty, hunger and illiteracy without regard to color, race or creed and to provide aid in a compassionate and dignified manner, giving people the confidence to participate in their own development and to secure their own future without the need for continuing external assistance is the ultimate goal.
The Hope Of Africa Foundation is implementing innovative food solutions all over Africa. Children are often hit hardest by food shortages, so we have feeding programmes to fight malnutrition and prevent future health problems. We have started food banks in South Africa and Kenya, we intend to spread this initiative all across Africa however we need your support to help even more people in need

Our Vision

Inspired by our Islamic faith and guided by our values, we envisage a world where communities are empowered, social obligations are fulfilled and people respond as one to the suffering of others.
Since we received our first donation in 2019, we have helped thousands of the Africa’s poorest and most vulnerable people. Inspired by the Islamic faith and guided by our values, we believe that people with wealth have a duty to those less fortunate – regardless of race, political affiliation, gender or belief.
Our projects provide poor people with access to vital services. We protect communities from disasters and deliver life-saving emergency aid. We provide lasting routes out of poverty, and empower vulnerable people to transform their lives and their communities

Why Support us

We are clear in our responsibility for every penny entrusted to us, and believe in a spiritual and moral obligation to accountability. Amongst the leaders in the humanitarian sector, we protect and enhance our high quality programmes, investing in delivering real results for the world’s most vulnerable people, whilst securing value-for-money.
We continue to be accountable for our financial transparency – and invest in developing ever-more rigorous accountability and governance systems that maximize the benefits we deliver with the contributions of our donors.
The Hope Of Africa Foundation works hard to further strengthen the governance that allows us to operate effectively and efficiently. Our size and scale means that we are able to make the most of funding to achieve the maximum positive impact in transforming lives around the world.

A Passion for Hunger Alleviation

Hunger is a universal problem.

In recognition of this, we intend to distribute in excess of 100 000 food parcels annually, prepare and serve hot meals at our own centers, whilst also supporting existing feeding schemes through the provision of thousands of meals on a daily basis.

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What We Do

The Hope of Africa Foundation works with communities to strengthen their resilience to disasters, and we provide vital emergency aid when disasters occur.
We help vulnerable people to access basic services, including education, water and sanitation, as well as healthcare. We provide lasting routes out of poverty through our sustainable livelihoods schemes, and our integrated approach to development is transforming communities worldwide. We try tackle the root causes of poverty and make sure that the world’s most vulnerable people have a strong voice and real influence in both our programs and advocacy.

.The Hope Of Africa Foundation endeavors to:
• Reduce the impact of conflicts and disasters
• Empower communities
• Mobilize people and funds
• Strengthen our Islamic Relief family

Promoting Social Upliftment

The under-development of many historically disadvantaged communities is regarded as a massive socio-economic problem. Recognizing this, we intend to develop a series of programs designed to promote the empowerment and dignity of our young people, including:

The provision of a range of school supplies for young learners;

Life skills training interventions and workshops;

and Skills development initiatives.

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